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About Us

Cybersecurity Experts

Lootsec is a cybersecurity firm dedicated to help you prioritise what matters to decrease risk and evolve your business beyond threats. We enable you to create more secure products and reduce your attack surface digitally, physically and socially.

A proper security assessment is the first step in identifying vulnerabilities in clients systems. By conducting security assessment and risk analysis on the organisation environment, our team can give you a clear picture of how well your security controls and defences are performing. We pride ourselves on being unique and we understand your organisation and its needs, too. Here are Lootsec core service values

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Remediation Assistants

We help our client remediate all findings and we follow along the process. Handing you a report is not where we stop. We aim for optimal security based on your needs.

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Research Focused

We hold industry-leading certifications and we dedicate part of every day researching the latest exploit techniques to ensure our clients remain protected from evolving cyber attacks.

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On-Demand Tool Arsenal

Our engineers use their coding backgrounds to build tools to help expand their testing capabilities and provide more comprehensive results on every engagement

What we do

Agile Security

Continuous Security

You develop at agile speed, delivering product releases continuously to keep up with deadlines and demanding customers. Security checks are often left behind. That introduces security risks and increases the fix cost. We help incorporate security in your process and keep secure your product and infrastructure.

Penetration Testing

Evaluate Product Security

A pentest will help exposing security risks in your product and infrastructure . It immediately increases knowledge & awareness, and provides you with actionable insights to help you defend against real-world threats. Evaluate the security​ of your products to keep them safe.

Red Teaming

Adversary Attack Simulation

Cyber criminals are extremely creative at findings ways to infiltrate an organisation. The bad thing is that they often succeed. We impersonate the criminals with a single goal to hack your organisation. If we know how you can be hacked, we can offer you the best defenses.

Our Mission

Security most of the times is being sold as after-sales plugin provided separate from the main product and often overpriced when it should be the exact opposite. Security should be part of the product development process and affordable. 
We have expertise in several cybersecurity areas and we want to help and support our clients to maintain their businesses and product safe against cyber threats. We create tailored and customised solutions according the business needs. We are strong supporters of continuous security and we provide our own tools to help incorporate security automation in your daily process. We want to provide you with the best solutions that fits your business needs. 

Our Clients Say

" Spyros and his team helped us to test our infrastracture and web-portal. They came with some findings others missed and the report was nice and clear, including remediations.Totally wort it! "
Product Manager
" We worked with Lootsec for one of our applications, the results were great, packed in a nice detailed report. Their remediation process was a unique experience for us. Would do it again! "
Senior Software Engineer

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Test the effectiveness of your security controls before malicious parties do.
We pride ourselves on being unique and thorough.
We understand the need of your organisation and yours too.​

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