Agile Security

Continuous Delivery

Security As Code!

Embed security in your CI/CD and keep your product and infrastructure bug-free. Automation is the key in customisation relies the power

Early Bug Discovery

When security is incorporated into every phase of the Software Development Life Cycle, organisations see a noticeable reduction in vulnerabilities and costs due to early discovery.

Continuous Improvement

The goal of Agile Security is to give Developers and SysAdmins the power to control the security of their code and the infrastracture. We help and train your DevOps team to apply security standards to your products.​

Continuous Security For Agile Development

You develop at agile speed, delivering product releases continuously to keep up with deadlines and demanding customers. Security checks are often left behind.
That introduces security risks and increases the fix cost.
We help incorporate security in your process and keep secure your product and infrastructure.

Automate The Obvious

Automation plays a key role, knowing how and what to automate is crucial to the Secure Software Development Life Cycle.
At Lootsec we help organisations to improve security in the Software Development Life Cycle by incorporating security and automation in CI/CD where and when it is needed.
We have the expertise to go beyond the standards and offer you unique solutions that will fit your needs and only.

Measure And Optimise

Security is not only about Compliance. Security is about taking control of the risks and vulnerabilities that could potentially harm your business.
Customisation and flexibility are important in what we do so we can offer the best solution for your organisation. We continuously evaluate and assess your risks based on your current threats.

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Test the effectiveness of your security controls before malicious parties do.
We pride ourselves on being unique and thorough.
We understand the need of your organisation and yours too.​

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