Red Teaming

Adversary Simulation Attack

Adversarial Attack Simulation

Adversarial Attack Simulation is also known as the Red Team Engagement. It Consists of precision attacks against an organization to test the effectiveness and responsiveness of different parts of their security program.
Traditional Penetration Tests often exclude attacks and tactics that real adversaries are currently using.
Unlike traditional testing, Adversarial Attack Simulation takes an integrated approach to assessing Information Security defences by combining multiple testing strategies into a comprehensive offensive engagement with the sole objective of gaining access to customer important assets.


We utilize both Red Team and Blue Team security consultants.
The Red Team utilise the MITRE ATT&CK framework to circumvent security controls and gain unauthorized access to systems.
The Blue Team will then work with an organization’s security team to determine their ability to either detect or deflect the attack.
After the engagement, the Blue Team will suggest possible improvements to the organization defences.

It is About Your Defences

Red Teaming in our opinion is the best test for any kind of business, especially if they have sensitive data and high-value assets.
Even that we like to Win the Red Team Engagement, we love it more when we get caught, cause that means your defences work well and we have to become more creative. By measuring your reactions to a real attack, you can further improve your resilience and your security based on real insights and data instead of gut feeling and vendor promises.

Purple Team Exercice

We are working closely with your Blue Team to analyze the defences applied and discuss countermeasures and attack resilience. We help optimise and improve your monitoring capabilities as well as how to implement playbooks to automatically respond to such attacks.

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