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Our Services

Agile Security

Continuous Security

You develop at agile speed, delivering product releases continuously to keep up with deadlines and demanding customers. Security checks are often left behind. That introduces security risks and increases the fix cost. We help incorporate security in your process and keep secure your code and infrastructure.

Penetration Testing

Evaluate Product Security

A pentest will help exposing security risks in your product and infrastructure . It immediately increases knowledge & awareness, and provides you with actionable insights to help you defend against real-world threats. Evaluate the security​ of your products to keep them safe.

Red Teaming

Adversary Attack Simulation

Cyber criminals are extremely creative at findings ways to infiltrate an organisation. The bad thing is that they often succeed. We impersonate the criminals with a single goal to hack your organisation. If we know how you can be hacked, we can offer you the best defenses.

Our Process

Phase 1
Phase 1

Scope And Roadmap

The first step in securing your product. At this phase we want to understand the landscape and the scope of the assessment. We will define Target Scope and Goals for the engagement.

Phase 2
Phase 2

Engagement Begins

We now have everything we need, scope has been defined and we can start with the assessment. Discovery is the first step in understanding our target. 

Phase 3
Phase 3

Automated Assessment

Automated tools will be used in this face to quickly identify the most obvious vulnerabilities. Our engineers will confirm all the false positives results.

Phase 4
Phase 4

Manual Assessment

At this phase our engineers will conduct manual testing against the target. The thoroughness of this phase has been decided in step 1. Our engineer will conduct vulnerability research.

Phase 5
Phase 5

Results Delivery

We finished with our investigation and we about to deliver the results. You will get a report including remediations as well as our team supporting you in the remediation process. 

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